The Anglo-Italian perspective. Mancini and City love at the end?

– It seems that every week Mario Balotelli is appearing in the English press for all the wrong reasons and this week has been no different. It emerged that officials at Manchester City had to speak to the 20 year old striker after it was revealed that he had been caught throwing darts at youth team players. This is just one of a long list of incidents that have resulted in the president of the Italian Football Federation, Giancarlo Abete, speaking out and saying that “Balotelli still has some problems and lacks continuity. He needs to mature and that has to be a personal choice. We hope he grows and that the focus is placed on his technical ability

– With the International break surfacing this week Fabio Capello has been hitting the headlines on a daily basis, the former Milan Coach has caused controversy in claiming he can manage the England team using only 100 words of English: “If I need to speak about the economy, I can’t speak,” said the Italian, whose grasp of English remains basic after three years in the job. “But when you speak about tactics, you don’t use a lot of words. Maximum 100.”

Capello has also hit the headlines after confronting Liverpool striker Andy Carroll about his use of alcohol: “Not only Andy likes to drink beer,” said Capello, ahead of the Wembley friendly against Ghana. “He needs to improve, to drink less. I spoke with him, in private. He’s young – his behaviour is important

– Finally it has been claimed by assorted English press that Roberto Mancini may be sacked if Manchester City fail to qualify for the Champions League at the end of the season. The favourite to replace him should they fail to lure José Mourinho is Chelsea boss and fellow Italian Carlo Ancelotti. His relationship with Roman Abramovich is said to be near to breaking and the press believe he is ready to quit in the summer.

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